Decision To Get A New Washing Machine


Substance of this drum/tub

The tub can be made of plastic, porcelain-enamel or stainless steel. The first two will be cheaper. Plastic tubs are more durable than enamel ones, which could chip and rust. Stainless steel tubs would be the best as they’re the most durable and will withstand high spin rates.

Wash settings

Most machines come with preset wash programmes, for example as ‘gentle wash’ for delicate clothes, and water level settings. You’re able to customise and save favorite settings. These can be corrected via rotary controls, a touchpad or a touchscreen.

Spin Speed

The spin cycle for drying is measured as revolutions per minute (rpm). The higher the rpm, the better it will dry your clothes. Nevertheless, this will be based on the types of clothes. For delicate clothes, the spin cycle is 300-500 rpm, while for thicker items, like jeans, it is roughly 1,000 rpm.

Fuzzy logic

This feature automatically selects the best washing conditions depending on the quantity of clothes. It detects the weight of the clothes and then determines how much detergent, water and time is required to clean out the load. Thus, you don’t need to bother with any settings.

Temperature control

If the washer has an inbuilt heater, this feature will help to check the warmth of the water. This may prove useful in winter months. Besides, hot water cleans clothes better. Some of the machines have steam setting, which can help fight dirt and stains very well.

Time delay & pre-soak

Time delay lets you load the washing machine and wash it later. This is useful if you would like to avoid the noise at particular times. The pre-soak facility allows you to soak the clothes for a predetermined period, after which the wash cycle begins automatically.

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Additional Features

Automatic dispensers: This feature discharges the bleach, detergent or fabric softener automatically at an appropriate time during the wash cycle.

Additional rinse cycle: As the name implies it washes the clothes for an extra cycle and can be beneficial for those that are sensitive to detergent residue.

Air dry: If the drum rotates, this feature enables it to suck air and blast it out on the garments. This results in a more effective and quicker drying of clothing, which makes them free of terrible odour and bacteria.

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